ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on (7 Solutions)

If your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on, here’s why your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on, and 7 possible ways to fix this problem.

Why won’t my ALCATEL 3X turn on?

The main cause of an ALCATEL 3X not turning on may be due to software or battery related issues. Whatever the case, this can be disappointing. However, there are other issues that can prevent your ALCATEL 3X from turning on. Some of these include:

Outdated software Your ALCATEL 3X’s software may be outdated, which means that the drivers need to be updated. As a result, there will be interdependencies where the entire system will crash if one part of the system crashes. In this case, it is necessary to update the driver and install them again. This can fix many problems within your device and make sure it is working properly.

Hardware related problems Hardware, such as the battery, may be damaged beyond repair, such as leaking or other physical damage. This can be the result of charging the ALCATEL 3X too much or dropping it and causing damage to it. In this case, you’ll need to replace the hardware to fix it. If your battery is damaged, be sure to replace it immediately. Once the battery is replaced, you can safely restart the ALCATEL 3X and continue using it.

What to do if ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on?

If you are wondering, «What to do when an ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on?», this guide is for you. It can be due to many problems that prevent your ALCATEL 3X from turning on. The following are possible solutions that can help solve the problem.

1. Check if the ALCATEL 3X is charged

As is often the case, the most obvious cause is usually the right one. If you haven’t noticed any signs of your ALCATEL 3X malfunctioning before, the problem could be as simple as a lack of charge in the battery. To solve this problem, try the following tips.

Check the connections First of all, check the obvious points. Have you remembered to charge the ALCATEL 3X? Is the charger partially detached from the power outlet? And is the power outlet turned on?

Clean off dirt and dust Next, make sure there is no dust, dirt or other impurities clogging the USB port of the charging cable or the charging port of the ALCATEL 3X. Remember that connections are delicate. The best way to remove dirt from the ports may be to use a can of compressed air.

Check the cable USB charging cables are notorious for malfunctioning on a whim. You can check the integrity of your cable by using it with another device and seeing if it works.

If your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on even after charging, read on.

2. Power cycle the ALCATEL 3X

We’ve all experienced a frozen phone. The screen doesn’t respond and none of the buttons work. But did you know that it’s also possible for an ALCATEL 3X to freeze when it’s turned off?

If your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on, one solution is to perform a power cycle. Press and hold the ALCATEL 3X’s power button for several seconds. You may need to hold it for 10 to 30 seconds.

3. Check the ALCATEL 3X battery

If your ALCATEL 3X has died and won’t turn on or charge, but you’re sure your charging equipment is working and a power cycle hasn’t solved your problems, it’s time to turn your attention to your ALCATEL 3X’s battery. It could be the reason why your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on.

Most phone and tablet batteries start to lose quality quickly after a few years of use. Eventually, they run out of power completely. Other types of damage can also irreparably affect the battery. Liquids, drops on hard surfaces and extreme temperatures can render a battery useless.

Check that the battery is receiving power. After plugging the ALCATEL 3X into the charger, wait a minute to see if the battery icon appears on the screen.

If it does, the battery is fine and you can proceed with the next steps. Alternatively, you may see a small red (or other colored) light flashing. If so, it means that your battery does not have enough power to turn on or display any content on the screen. Let it charge for 30 minutes and try again.

Don’t see the battery icon or a light? That could mean your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

4. Check the ALCATEL 3X screen

You may be frustrated that your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on when, in fact, it may be on without you even realizing it. A cracked screen can give the impression that there’s no power.

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell if the screen is the culprit. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to make sure the ALCATEL 3X turns on for good, then wait at least two minutes for the boot process to complete.

Now, call yourself from another phone. If the ALCATEL 3X beeps, your screen is to blame. Remember that sometimes you can replace the screen yourself, but it will void the warranty.

5. Use a computer to turn on the ALCATEL 3X

If you still can’t turn on your ALCATEL 3X, you may be able to force it on your computer. Google provides a somewhat convoluted series of steps you can follow. We’ve simplified them below:

Connect the ALCATEL 3X to the computer using a USB cable.
Let it charge for 15 minutes.
Disconnect the cable from the ALCATEL 3X (not the computer).
Reconnect the cable within 10 seconds of disconnecting it.
Charge ALCATEL 3X for another 30 minutes.
Press and hold the power button for five seconds.
Press Reset on the screen.
If Reset doesn’t appear, press and hold the power button for an additional 30 seconds.

6. Factory Reset (erase data) ALCATEL 3X

If connecting your ALCATEL 3X to a computer has not solved your problem, then performing a «Factory Reset» may work. This technique requires you to first reboot your ALCATEL 3X into recovery mode and then perform a «Factory Reset». Remember that this method will erase all the data on your ALCATEL 3X, so do it only if you are willing to risk losing your data.

Here’s how to fix ALCATEL 3X won’t turn on at all with a factory reset:

Step 1: Enter your ALCATEL 3X into recovery mode after turning it off.
To do this, you have to press «Volume Down + Power» at the same time. Keep holding these buttons until the ALCATEL 3X logo appears and the ALCATEL 3X restarts again. Step 2: Now, you can factory reset your ALCATEL 3X.
Use the «Volume Down» button to scroll up until the «Factory Reset» or «Wipe Data» option appears.
Press the «Power button» to select it.
When you are done, use the «Power Button» to choose «Reset System» now.

7. Your ALCATEL 3X might be unusable

If none of the above has worked, it may be time to face the reality that your ALCATEL 3X won’t turn back on and you need a new phone. Remember that some phones are specifically designed for use in dirty or difficult areas. If you find that you keep encountering stuck ports, one of these devices might be the best solution.


It’s incredibly frustrating when you want to use your ALCATEL 3X and the phone won’t turn on, so you can’t use it. Fortunately, there are several proven solutions:

1. Check if the ALCATEL 3X is charged.
2. Power cycle the ALCATEL 3X
3. Check the ALCATEL 3X battery
4. Check the ALCATEL 3X screen
5. Using a computer to turn on the ALCATEL 3X
6. Factory reset (data erase) the ALCATEL 3X
7. Your ALCATEL 3X may be unusable

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