DOOGEE X50L Problems and How to Solve Them

In this article you will learn how you can fix common problems on DOOGEE X50L with simple and easy steps. You can easily solve any common problem on the DOOGEE X50L with the steps shown.

Firstly, we are going to discuss some of the common problems on DOOGEE X50L smartphone, and then, I will give you the proven solution to it. So, stay till the end.

DOOGEE X50L Common Problems

If you are facing any internal problem with DOOGEE X50L smartphone, you can easily fix it by following the steps below. These steps are simple to apply.

I suggest you to read the whole article first and then apply the steps. In this way, you won’t face any problem while applying the steps.

Let’s discuss some of the major common problems faced by DOOGEE X50L users. Please don’t rush. Ultimately, it will help you solve the problems.

DOOGEE X50L Battery Draining Fast – How To Fix It

Lower the brightness on the DOOGEE X50L. The phone screen is one of the sectors that consumes more battery.

The state of your battery may be poor. To know the current status of your phone’s battery.

  • Open your phone’s call dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*#*.
  • Now tap the «Battery Info» icon.
  • From here, check if the battery status is good or not.

Sometimes we forget to turn off the data network, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS settings and they keep consuming battery in the background. So these settings should be disabled when they are not needed.

Turn off unnecessary phone animations/effects, live wallpapers and keep a simple user interface.

Close all background apps. Sometimes we press the home button of our android phone if we want to close some app/game. But it is necessary to close them by quitting the app or using back button.

Use lite/lower versions of various apps like «Facebook lite» «Instagram Lite» on DOOGEE X50L.

Play games on low to medium graphics settings.

Keep the firmware and apps on your DOOGEE X50L updated to the latest version to fix any RAM management issues and bugs.

Use a dark theme for the user interface and apps. Helps save battery and reduce eyestrain.

Uninstall apps/games you don’t use. Many apps and games run in the background and consume a lot of battery.

Use power saving/battery saving mode.

Use only Google Play certified apps/games. Try to avoid third-party and unverified apps/games that may cause unnecessary battery consumption.

Check if there is a problem with the phone battery or excessive overheating or swelling in the battery.

Restart your DOOGEE X50L Smartphone.

DOOGEE X50L Overheating Issues – How To Fix It

Use the DOOGEE X50L in an environment with a moderate temperature. Avoid using the phone in direct sunlight.
Try to find out whether the battery status of your phone is normal or not.

While playing games, make sure to turn down the graphics settings of the game.

Avoid using the phone while it is charging.

Use only an original charger on the DOOGEE X50L.

Uninstall all applications that use too much RAM while running in the background.

Try to remove the casing of your phone and replace it with a ventilated cover if necessary.

Keep your phone up to date so that any firmware bugs can be fixed.

It may be necessary to reboot the DOOGEE X50L or do a factory reset.

Lower the quality of the videos you are watching.

Turn off 4G/Wi-fi/Bluetooth/GPS data when you don’t need it.

DOOGEE X50L Metwork Issues – How To Fix It

Try to reboot your DOOGEE X50L phone.

Remove the SIM card(s) and insert it/them again. If the problem persists, purchase a new SIM card.

Check if there is any damage to the SIM card or SIM card holder.

Go to Network Settings and check if the specified SIM is activated.

If Airplane Mode is enabled by mistake, disable it.

Insert the SIM card into another device and check if the network provider has sufficient coverage in your area.

The phone’s cellular antenna may be damaged.

Reset the APN settings on the DOOGEE X50L and choose the default APN.

Try changing the preferred network type to «Auto».

If you are using Wi-fi network, make sure that the Wi-fi access point has proper Internet connectivity.

DOOGEE X50L Apps Not Working Properly – How To Fix It

Try reinstalling the application that is not working properly.

Check whether you have enough space on DOOGEE X50L or not. Try to remove unwanted applications.

Some apps and games require special permissions to work properly. Make sure you have those permissions granted.

Some apps may require an active data connection to function properly.

Make sure that the Play Store verifies the downloaded application. Delete the app and download it again from the app store.

Check the Google Play Store for the latest update of your app.

A malware or virus on the DOOGEE X50L may also be responsible for the misuse of the app.

Your phone may intentionally close the app if there is any overheating issue on your phone. Make sure that you are not using two or more apps at the same time.

Sometimes the Android .apk file often downloaded from websites may get corrupted during installation. Try downloading the file again.

Check if your Android version is compatible with the application.

DOOGEE X50L Wifi Issues Slow And Disconnect – How To Fix It

Go to Settings > Wi-fi Settings > Choose Wi-fi name > Tap on the «forget» option and then reconnect.

Try to check if the problem is due to power saving/battery saving mode.

Note that battery optimization is disabled for Android Auto and Google Play Services.

Check if your DOOGEE X50L receives an overheating warning while Wi-fi is connected.

Try booting the DOOGEE X50L in «Safe Mode» to make sure that a third-party application is not causing any problems.

You can try to fix the Wi-fi disconnection problem by resetting the default Wi-fi/network settings.

Wi-fi problems can also be overcome by installing the latest firmware update on your DOOGEE X50L.

If the problem started when updating your Android version to the new one, maybe the update had some bugs. In this case, you can also check if the Wi-fi works normally by downgrading the Android version.

Try switching from the 5 GHz Wi-fi band to a 2.4 GHz Wi-fi band.

Sometimes the Wi-fi router may also incur a Virus or Malware. You may also need to reboot the DOOGEE X50L and the Wi-fi router.

DOOGEE X50L Camera Not Working – How To Fix It

Close the Camera application and reopen it after some time.

It may also be necessary to restart the phone.

Your phone’s operating system should be up to date and install the latest updates for your phone if any.

Try to boot the phone in «Safe Mode» and check if the camera application is working.

Remove all third party camera applications and try the «Camera» application.

Check if your phone has enough memory space.

Try changing the camera settings to default.

You can also try clearing the Camera app’s cache and user data from the Settings.

You may also have to factory reset the DOOGEE X50L to solve the camera related issues.

Try checking the camera lens and hardware if it is in good condition.

DOOGEE X50L Won’t Turn On – How To Fix It

It may be that the device is already turned on, but the user interface does not work. In this case, you can force a restart by pressing and holding the power button for at least 20 seconds.

The battery may have run out of power. Connect the DOOGEE X50L with a charger and then try to turn on the device. The charger must also be connected correctly.

After connecting the charger, if the battery icon appears, it means that the device is charging. You should wait a minimum of 15 minutes and then try to restart.

If there are any accessories connected to your device such as a case, charger and headphones, cover the sensors, remove them all and then reboot.

Sometimes, the power button of the phone also becomes malfunctioning. Then it becomes a big challenge to start the phone again.
– In that case, if the problem persists, you may have to use the ADB tool and try to reboot the DOOGEE X50L with the help of a PC.

Try to check if the phone battery is damaged.

Finally, if all other methods fail, you should factory reset your DOOGEE X50L by entering recovery mode.

DOOGEE X50L Frozen Screen – How To Fix It

You have to update all the applications on your phone.

If any kind of software update has arrived on your phone, then it has to be updated as well.

Clear the cache data of all the applications on your phone.

If your phone is not fixed with this procedure, then factory reset the phone.

DOOGEE X50L Black Screen – How To Fix It

Is the black screen causing a problem to your user experience? Let’s fix it.

How to fix the black screen problem on DOOGEE X50L?

First of all, reboot your phone.

Secondly, if the problem mainly occurs when you open some apps, uninstall the app and restart your phone again.

Frequent encounter of black screen may be a software problem, make sure the software is updated to the latest.

Restart or format your phone after the update.

If the problem is permanent, then you need to take the device to service, it may be a physical damage to the screen.

DOOGEE X50L Running Slow – How To Fix It

Close all applications that are not being used by you if you are using the device.
– You can do this by pressing the «Switch apps» button (usually on the far left side of the device).
– And you can close the applications by sliding the application windows up or down.

Restarting DOOGEE X50L can also help to close all unnecessary background processes.

Remove all bloatware applications and unused apps/games. Many apps run in the background and use your RAM and fill up your storage as well.

Try to keep all your phone software and apps up to date. Sometimes bugs or errors in apps also slow down your device’s performance. Updates usually fix the bugs.

Try to find lighter versions of several everyday apps such as: – Instagram Lite, Facebook Lite.
– These apps don’t have a big impact on your phone’s memory.
– Google also released its own set of apps that require low memory usage (such as Google Go, Google Map Go and Gallery Go).

If you have slowdown issues when watching a video, lower the quality of the video so that it opens and runs smoothly.

Check if your Android terminal is compatible with the updated version of the operating system and its updates.

App slowdowns can also occur if you or the Android system have imposed permission restrictions on the app. In that case, you should remove the app and reinstall it.

Try disabling battery saving mode if it is enabled.

Disable the live wallpaper and any third-party themes and use the user interface that came with the phone.

Sometimes apps seem to be slow due to poor internet connectivity. Make sure your phone has a proper internet connection.

Try to avoid using the phone while playing games or charging the phone.

Also, disable UI animations/effects that consume power and resources and make your device slow.

It will be best if you avoid using any «RAM Booster» or «File Cleaner» apps.
– These apps are useless.
– They interfere with the Android framework and force background apps to stop.
– When the Android system restarts the tasks, they require a lot of resource usage, and therefore slow down the phone.

To find out which applications on your DOOGEE X50L are using your RAM memory
– Go to Settings > About phone > Tap 7 times on «Build number» to bring up the developer options.
– If they were hidden, then go back to Settings > Advanced > Developer options > Memory.

If the slowdown problem still exists, you may need to perform a factory reset on DOOGEE X50L. (Remember to take a full Android backup before performing a factory reset).

DOOGEE X50L Bluetooth Won’t Connect – How To Fix It

Bluetooth problems are normal in any android device. One of the common Bluetooth issues that most DOOGEE X50L users face is Bluetooth pairing problem. Let’s see how to fix it.

First of all, check if there are software updates available for your device. If so, update it and check if the problem is solved.

The second step is to clear the Bluetooth cache.
– Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Advanced > Reset Options > Reset Wi-fi, Cellular and Bluetooth.
– Finally, reboot your device.

Third, make sure your phone is discoverable to other devices and vice versa.

If you cannot pair Bluetooth in the car, try the following steps.
– This problem occurs when the car is in motion and you are trying to pair Bluetooth.
– In this case, try pairing Bluetooth when your car is stable (not moving).
– This will most likely fix the problem.

Finally, you can try turning Bluetooth on and off on the DOOGEE X50L.

DOOGEE X50L Apps Won’t Download – How To Fix It

A simple reboot of the phone may help.

You can try deleting Play Store data and Play Store cache.
– Go to Settings > Apps and games > Play Store.
– Tap on Storage and Cache and Clear Storage/Cache.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Play Store updates by going to.
– Settings > Apps & Games > Play Store > Tap on «More» in the upper right corner > Uninstall app updates.

It is also possible that your device’s storage is full. Try uninstalling some apps or games from your device.

You can try to delete your Google account from DOOGEE X50L and then add it again.
– To delete your Google account.
– Go to Settings > Accounts > Tap on your account > Then tap on Remove account.
– To add your account again, go to Settings > Accounts > Add account > Sign in to your account.

Try to check if there are any software updates available for the DOOGEE X50L. That will get the bugs fixed.

Sometimes a particular app is not made for a particular country or is banned in a country. You have to fix an .apk file by yourself and then try to install it.

Check if the Internet is working properly on the DOOGEE X50L.

If you still don’t succeed, then a factory reset of the phone may be the only solution. But remember to backup your important data.

DOOGEE X50L Shuts Off Randomly – How To Fix It

The phone may switch off automatically if the temperature of your environment is too high. Make sure you are using the phone in a cool environment.

Remove all other accessories from the phone such as case, charger, headphones, etc., and try to find the main culprit.

Remove any third-party themes and use only the stock user interface of the DOOGEE X50L.

Boot your DOOGEE X50L in safe mode and check if any third-party apps are the cause of the problem.

Make sure your phone battery is in good condition. To find out the current status of your phone battery
– Open your phone’s call dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*#*.
– Now tap the «Battery Info» icon.
– From here, check if the «battery status» is good or not.

If the phone shuts down after warming up, it may be a heating problem. We have already discussed the solutions to the heating problem.

Maybe the problem has occurred after updating your android operating system. Try to remove those updates from DOOGEE X50L.

If all the above methods do not work, you will have to reboot your DOOGEE X50L.
– To do this, open Settings > System > Reset > Select «Erase phone data».

Sometimes the phone shuts down automatically due to a hardware problem. You should contact the customer support center so that the automatic phone shutdown can be resolved.

DOOGEE X50L Apps Keep Crashing – How To Fix It

Just uninstall and reinstall the app, and the app should work properly.
If the phone asks for permission, such as GPS, file access, etc., you need to grant the permission to the app.

Check if your DOOGEE X50L has enough extra storage or not. If not, try to free up some storage by deleting some files.

Try restarting your DOOGEE X50L and check if the apps are working or not.

You can try to clear the app’s data and cache on the DOOGEE X50L.
– To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Select the application name > Clear data.

Try to check for a newer version of the application (update), and if an update is available, install it. If no update is available, wait a few days.

An operating system update may also be required on your DOOGEE X50L to fix any application issues.

Perhaps any antivirus application on your device is causing a problem. Disable the antivirus and try the application again.

It is advisable to always use genuine apps from the Play Store. Avoid downloading apps and games from third-party websites.

It is possible that maybe your phone’s features are disabled by mistake, and maybe they are the cause of the problem.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of RAM and a decent CPU on your phone to run apps.

Lastly, a factory reset on the DOOGEE X50L may be necessary to get apps to work normally.

DOOGEE X50L Charging Slow Or Won’t Charge – How To Fix It

If your phone is not charging properly, or the charging speed is slower than before, then follow the steps below.

Make sure you are using the original charger and cable that came in the box.

Check for any fault in the charger or cable.

Also, if the charger and cable are OK, check if the port is loose; if so, clean the port with the help of some thin object. Dirt can sometimes accumulate in the charging port of the DOOGEE X50L causing a charging problem.

If your phone is under warranty, take the device to the service center. They will fix the problem for free.

DOOGEE X50L Speaker Issues – How To Fix It

Speaker problems may occur over time, such as very low volume or the speaker does not work at all. Check the following methods to check and fix the problem.

How to fix the DOOGEE X50L speakers?

Firstly, check if there is water inside the speaker holes in case of low volume.

Restart your phone and see if the volume works fine again.

Next, make sure your phone is not in silent mode or another profile.

Also, check if the phone volume increases with the software or the physical buttons of the DOOGEE X50L.

Also, formatting or rebooting can help us if the problem is with the phone’s software or hardware.

Dirt particles can block the speakers preventing the sound from coming out, so the volume is low. Have the phone checked by the nearest service center.

Uninstall any unknown applications that you have not installed on the phone. Malware can also cause this problem on the DOOGEE X50L.

The above steps will result in the speaker problem being fixed if software is the culprit, for hardware problems you should have your phone checked at the service center.

DOOGEE X50L Microphone Not Working – How To Fix It

Do you have any problem like the microphone not working, or the voice recording of the phone is low, then let’s fix it.

How to fix microphone problems on DOOGEE X50L?

Check if any dirt particles are blocking the microphone hole.

Next, make sure that the microphone is working in all applications that need it. For certain apps go to settings > apps > select the app > allow microphone access.

Clean the microphone low voice, and clear any obstacles around the area, many times a phone cover can also cause the microphone to lock up and cause this problem.

This should solve the microphone problem, if still the problem is not solved, you should take it to the nearest service center to look for the paid solution.

DOOGEE X50L Fingerprint Sensor Not Working – How To Fix It

Many users have reported the fingerprint issues on the phone, if you are also facing the same issue, then follow the steps below to successfully fix the fingerprint issue on the phone.

How to fix fingerprint problem on DOOGEE X50L?

First of all, check if water has damaged the reader.

If the scanner is damaged, it is best to take it to the nearest service center to get it fixed.

However, without any physical damage, the fingerprint scanner may cause failure due to the software version.

Now, reboot your phone. This has fixed the problem for many people.

If it hasn’t, go to settings and remove your finger and add it back correctly.

Still haven’t solved the problem? Check for a software update and if available, download and install it on the DOOGEE X50L.

Finally, it is necessary to format or reboot the DOOGEE X50L to have everything fresh before going to the service center.